The VMO & Glute Killer

Yesterday, I thought to myself, “Oh, I’ve got a great idea…I’ll do a leg-focused workout today that way I’ll have tomorrow to recover before my 11-mile hike on Saturday. It’ll be perfect!”

Today, I am sorely (see what I did there?) regretting that decision based on the realization that I will still very much be feeling the effects of yesterday’s workout tomorrow. In any case, it was a good one so here it is:

One set:*

  • 20 sec jumping lunges
  • 20 sec calf raises with toes facing forward
  • 40 sec elbow plank
  • 20 sec jumping lunges
  • 20 sec calf raises with toes facing inward (pigeon-toed, essentially)
  • 40 sec side elbow plank (switch sides halfway through)
  • 20 sec jumping lunges
  • 20 sec calf raises with toes facing outward (roughly at a 45-degree angle)
  • 40 sec raised leg elbow plank (switch legs halfway through)

One minute rest between sets; repeat each set 5 times (or less…or more!)

Finish with:

  • 3 sets of 15 single-leg deadlifts per leg
    • You can add weight or just use your bodyweight
  • 3 back bridges (hold each bridge for as long as you can)


  • Always warm up beforehand – rotations (arm rotations, hip rotations, torso rotations, etc.) and hops are great ways to get your blood flowing for bodyweight exercises
  • Jumping lunges are highly effective at burning calories, building muscle, and improving balance but to get the most out of them, think about:
    • Keeping your tailbone slightly tucked and core engaged (this makes it much harder!)
    • Using your glutes to catalyze the jump – I like to think about squeezing everything in and tight
    • Landing softly – your back knee should not slam down on the ground. Instead, think about landing in a moving lunge – landing as deeply as you can but dropping the knee further until it almost taps the ground and then using your butt and quads to power yourself back up
    • Keeping your weight evenly distributed on your front foot – sometimes, I notice myself leaning too heavily into the ball of my foot which is when I start feeling sensation in my knees. Instead, think about pressing down through your entire foot, or even just your heels until you’re able to get the weight distribution correct.
  • Always stretch afterwards!!

*Workout adapted from Darebee


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