img_0770Ashley is currently a flight attendant residing in Boston, MA. We’re using the term ‘reside’ real loosely here because we’re never sure where she actually is. She’s been known to disappear to living in vans in Australia, boats in Hawaii and Alaska, stranger’s houses in San Francisco or whatever airport will house her that evening before she hops on the first flight out to somewhere new. She will try anything once and can’t keep her interests in order because she simply has too many. She spends as much time hiking any mountain she can, has recently started running marathons and can’t wait to explore being more involved in the fitness world as time goes on. When she’s not on the go she enjoys being absorbed by her sister, friends, eating loads of vegan doughnuts, reading anything she can get her hands on (Harry Potter being her number 1), re-binge watching Gilmore Girls, discussing “The Force”, crocheting scarves and is always embodying her favorite Betazoid, Deanna Troi. Basically, when she isn’t on an adventure she is hanging out and being a huge nerd. She is super excited to be sharing her experiences and thoughts on this site along side one of her favorite adventure buddies and long time best friend, Jenna. Follow her on Instagram @lamannanana

About-JennaJenna is a grant writing consultant and works with a super rad non-profit based in South Africa. After several years in the marketing and advertising industry, she ditched that world in search of more meaningful work. Following four months of backpacking around Southeast Asia and four months working as a ski lift operator in Tahoe, she moved to South Africa and fell completely in love with the culture and its people. She loves a good farmer’s market and spends much of her time cooking, baking, and experimenting with new ingredients. In her free time, Jenna likes to support her food-obsessed lifestyle with a bit of physical activity – yoga, surfing, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, and exercise in general. She is an avid eater of tacos (and all Mexican food really), a scone connoisseur (and founder of the #NoSconeUnturned movement), and firmly believes that the fanny pack should get some more damn respect (her fanny pack collection is currently at three – a number which she hopes to grow). Similar to Ashley, she simply has too many interests, which is presumably the glue that’s bound their friendship for more than fifteen years. Despite their inability to ever live in the same place, they always find a way to make time for each other and when they do, world beware – for they form a sarcastic and fearless adventure-seeking, food-loving force that is not to be reckoned with. Follow her on instagram @jtoithestone

* Note: We are NOT certified personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, or any variation thereof – we’re just two ordinary people sharing our experiences.