The Art of Loving Yourself

We’ve all heard the cliché advice of needing to love yourself before someone else can love you. This was something that until recently I didn't pay much mind to, because I never felt it applied to me. Then one day I woke up in my late 20's and found myself single for [more or less]... Continue Reading →


Go with your gut

Studies show that there's a clear link between our brain and our gut, but how do you find and listen to that guiding inner voice?

Dude, where’s my stuff?

You know the types of people who always seem to have it together? The ones who consistently look effortlessly chic, walk like they are gliding on top of rainbows and their belongings always look brand new? Keep picturing that person...keep picturing…uh huh….uh huh….got the image, right? Okay, that’s not me. I have about as much... Continue Reading →

A Revolving Door 

Has anyone ever stopped to think about the number of strangers they’ve encountered in their life? Furthermore, the impact strangers have made in your life? I recently went down this road and realized the number of strangers who I think about regularly. I’ve traveled a bit in the past five years, weaving in and out... Continue Reading →

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